What is radKIDS and why on earth are you so passionate about it?

I am so glad you asked! radKIDS is a leading personal empowerment and safety program for children ages 3.5-12. The eight hour curriculum includes group lessons and hands-on technique training that teach children how to defend themselves against potential harm, whether that be from a peer, or potential abductor. It also teaches many common sense safety skills relating to everyday life such as safe bike-riding, responding to bullying, and how to stay safe in a child's numerous environments.

Taught from a child's perspective, it is designed not to create fear, but rather to build and harness confidence through using a child's ability to "yell loud, hit hard, and run fast" for example. Graduating radKIDS, a child will truly understand that he/she has the skills needed to avoid and escape danger.

In 2015 when I was looking for a class of this nature to enroll my own daughters, I discovered that our state (WA) is dramatically lacking in available instructors and programs. With the support of my family, and company of a dear friend and fellow-educator, I headed to Arizona for the 40 hour training. We are thankful to have collectively taught five classes in our area since completing our training.

The next radKIDS programs will take place at Emmanuel Day School on Mercer Island. For additional information on these programs, please visit www.radkids.org  and if you'd like to register for a future class, please send an email to annie@teaching-hands.com.